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Delivery & Performance

Our job is to give you the right parts at the right time.

To do this we must work closely within your supply chain systems. Inter-company communication is the key to developing the relationships with our customers that produces sustained success for them and for ourselves.

Our Parts Delivery service offers:

Moulded Parts Supply Delivery

  • Deliveries by Kanban and JIT delivery, call-off schedules and discreet orders.
  • Packaging tailored to meet your exact requirements for shipping, storage, shelf-life, recycling and cost.
  • Barcoding and labelling to comply with customers internal systems.
  • Storage of finished goods available for call-off and emergency response.
  • Flexibility to work with your ordering systems with a-commerce and customised web-based ordering.
  • Reporting with customised reports, such as weekly stock and outstanding order reports.
  • Traceability providing full material and product traceability.

 Moulded Parts Kanban Jit