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Machining & Assembly


You will obviously want this service from the same company that produces your mouldings, which is why our Machining service offers:

Moulded Parts Machining And Finishing

Moulded Component Finishing Machining:

  • Milling (CNC and Manual), boring and turning of moulded components.
  • Drilling, tapping and threading of moulded components.
  • Punching, cutting and bandsawing and moulded components.
  • Deburring and deflashing of moulded components.
  • Shotblasting of moulding with glass, alumina or plastic media.
  • Pressing and metal forming.

Moulded Parts Machining And Finishing     Moulding Services Testing Assembly



We perform a wide range of Post Moulding operations in support of our moulding services.

This lets you choose the balance between outsourcing and producing in-house, which is a balance that sometimes changes during the life of a product.

Moulding Services Testing Assembly

Our Assembly service offers:

  • Assembly of mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies and moulded components.
  • Finishing components and assemblies with bonding, fastening with screws, rivets and ultrasonic welding.
  • Moulded component completion by inserting by pressing, threading, heat staking and ultrasonic inserting.
  • Priming, painting and coating of moulded parts and assemblies.
  • RFI/EMI shielding.
  • Identification by printing, engraving and filling.
  • Cleaning mouldings with ultrasonic and solvent cleaning.
  • Testing components using mechanical, electrical and NDT testing.