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Moulding Processes

At the heart of our business we are skilled moulders with capabilities in a wide range of plastic and rubber materials.

Our diverse plastic and rubber moulding service and rubber or plastic to metal bonding means we can offer a wide range of moulding possibilities and create bespoke moulded components that meet your exact needs.

Our moulding processes for Plastics offers:

Component Moulding Rubber And Plastic

  • Thermoplastics injection moulding both horizontal and vertical in range 30-210 tonnes and Manumold low volume moulding of small components.
  • Thermoplastic low pressure moulding for low volume moulding of large components, up to 1500 gram.
  • Thermoset compression and transfer moulding up to 150 tonnes for Epoxy, Phenolic, DMC and SMC compounds.
  • Insert moulding with metal components and threaded insets.
  • Over moulding for two material components.
  • Engineering grade and high temperature (PEEK, PPS) materials with glass, Kevlar, stainless steel and carbon fibre reinforcing.

We can provide you with a single source for all your moulding requirements.

Component Moulding Injection Compression Low Pressure

From our experience of supplying technology sectors, we know our customers demand mouldings to exacting standards, in low volumes and on short lead-times. We have consistently met these challenges by adopting lean manufacturing techniques and looking for Continuous Improvements in our operations.

Our moulding processes for Rubber offers:

Moulded Components Case Study

  • Compression and transfer rubber moulding up to 175 tonnes.
  • Injection rubber moulding up to 250 tonnes, for components up to 2,500 gram.
  • Rubber to metal bonding with aluminium, steel and brass components and rubber to rubber bonding of fabricated products.
  • Seals and gaskets including fabric reinforced rubber, punched, cut or moulded.
  • Wide range of natural and synthetic rubbers, silicones and fluoroelastomers, in black and coloured compounds.