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Product Introduction

With many different elements being performed against a tight schedule, introducing a product with moulded parts is about managing a complex project.

Our Product Introduction service offers the project management needed to meet these tight schedules.

Moulding Product Introduction

  • Prototyping or 3D printing a moulded component or assembly so it can be visualised by all those in the project team and prove fit, form and function.
  • Reverse engineering that creates moulded parts and assemblies from existing or obsolete parts or where no records exist.
  • Mould tool management to deliver the right mould tooling solution on budget and with sample moulded parts on time.
  • Quality planning to ensure that your moulded products and assemblies meet all the requirements expected of it
  • First Article Inspection Reports, to AS9100 or cusomer specific format, for full dimensional checks on moulded and machined components with CMM, shadowgraph and other inspection equipment.

 Moulded Product Development

Pie Chart

a Aerospace (55%)

b Defence (12%)

c Medical (6%)

d Fluids (12%)

e Other (15%)